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September 19, 2014 9:06 am

أحداث الحرم المكي علم دار وادي الذئاب ٩

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Wadi Zeab episode 230-Part 9 وادي الذئاب الجزء التاسع ح ٢

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September 18, 2014 3:06 pm 1:03 pm

Apple Isn’t Interested in Big Data

Apple Isn’t Interested in Big Data

Apple Tim Cook Apple CEO, Tim Cook, says consumers aren’t its product

Big Data is big business nowadays and any company with any sense is making the most of user information that they hold. So, when Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company – which has well over 800 million users – isn’t interested in the Big Data opportunities that its customers provide, it came as quite the shock.

While Google and Amazon…

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September 17, 2014 3:58 pm

يَا لَيـْل الصّبُّ مَتَى غَــدُهُ
أقـِيـَامُ السّاعـَةِ مَـوْعِـدُهُ

رَقـَـدَ السـُـــمَّـــارُ وأرّقـَهُ
أسـَـفٌُ لـلـبــَيـْـنِ يُــرَدِّدُهُ

كَـلـِفٌ بِغَــزَالٍ ذي هـَيـَفِ
خَوْفُ الوَاشِيـنَ يُشـَـرِدُهُ

نَصَبَتْ عَـيـْنـَايَ لـَهُ شَركَاَ
في النّوْمِ فَعَـزّ تـَصَيــُـدُهُ

يَا مَنْ جَحَدَتْ عَيْنَاهُ دَمِي
وَعَـلـَى خـَـدّيـْــهِ تَـــوَرُدُهُ

خَدّاكَ قَـدْ اعْـتَرَفَا بِـدَمِـي
فَعَــلامَ جـُفُونُكَ تَجْـحَــدُهُ

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Etisalat upgrades broadband speeds for free

Etisalat upgrades broadband speeds for free

Salvador Anglada, chief business officer at Etisalat.

Etisalat has doubled the broadband speeds for its business customers in the UAE at no extra cost.

The speeds have boosted the broadband speed by 2.5 times – a business customer with 4MBps speed will be automatically upgraded, free of charge, to 10MBps broadband speed.

New business customers will also enjoy the benefits of higher speeds at lower rates.

Salvador Anglada, chief business officer at…

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10 key technology items for your 2015 budget

10 key technology items for your 2015 budget

heroImage: iStockphoto.com/marcoroco

It’s that time of year again — time for IT to lay out plans for next year and prepare for budget discussions. Here are 10 items that are likely to top enterprise IT shopping lists for 2015.

1: WAN optimization

With the rush of new web-enabled applications for customers and employees doing business in the field, corporate IT must concern itself with internal…

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12:12 pm

Citrix Cloud Platform offers the most functionality for the price - Info-Tech Value Award

Citrix Cloud Platform offers the most functionality for the price – Info-Tech Value Award

Info-Tech evaluated nine competitors in the Cloud Management market, including the following notable performers:


• Citrix CloudPlatform offers flexible hypervisor and hardware deployment options with the support of a mature vendor and a strong open source community.

• Abiquo’s capabilities to integrate with existing systems, in combination with its stand out self service functionality…

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